Kiwi inspirations: Kathy Feest’s New Zealand sketches

10 Jun 2024 | Written by Marina O'Shea

In this episode, we dive into the imaginative world of member Kathy Feest, a versatile writer with a rich background in theatre, publishing, video production and medical education. Kathy shares a selection of her written sketches, crafted during her travels in New Zealand.

These sketches, inspired by the people she met and her experiences, are uniquely distinct and offer a blend of fictionalised events and imaginative storytelling.

Kathy provides an insightful introduction to her collection, emphasising that while the stories are fictional, they carry kernels of truth inspired by real encounters.

The first sketch, “Kumara pie,” touches on real events but is fictionalised for artistic expression. Additionally, we explore two more captivating sketches: “Sniff” and “Forest walk.”

Whether you’re a fan of travel-inspired tales or enjoy well-crafted fiction, this episode is sure to captivate your imagination.

Tune in to enjoy these vivid narratives and get a glimpse of the creative process behind Kathy’s writing.

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