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My dad was called Michael – Part three: Covid, porkies and Cornwall

03 Jul 2024 | Written by Abbe Martin

Join Abbe Martin in the third episode of her touching audio series for The Joy Club, where she continues to share the profound journey of her father’s decline into Alzheimer’s. You can listen to part one here and part two here.

In this heartwarming episode, Abbe shares candidly about the challenges her family faced during the Covid pandemic, including the difficult decisions they had to make and the white lies they told to keep their father safe.

Amidst their annual Cornwall holiday and the lockdowns, Abbe reveals the profound joy her father found in music, singing along with her guitar playing. She discusses the creative activities they devised to keep him calm and focused, and reflects on the reassurance they felt in seeing his happiness despite his growing delusions and confusion.

Additionally, she sheds light on the unsettling reality of her father’s vulnerability, revealing how they had to protect him from those seeking to take advantage.

Through these touching anecdotes, Abbe illustrates the profound love and resilience that sustained her family during such a trying period, offering listeners a deeply personal and heartfelt story of navigating Alzheimer’s.

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