We are committed to inspiring a joyful retirement for all… and having a joyful time whilst working hard to achieve that!

We are a small team with big dreams! We’re smart and kind, from a variety of different backgrounds, united by our excitement around the impact and potential of our work.

You can see our current vacancies here.

What gives us the edge is that we’re:

  • Radically customer-centric – we’re a vehicle for what our customers want.
  • Non-conformist – if our customers want something, we’ll deliver, regardless of sector or technology type.
  • Dynamic – we love to organise ourselves into multidisciplinary teams, to solve problems intelligently and collaboratively.

To be a good fit for the culture at The Joy Club, you’ll need to share our values:

  • Everything is a hypothesis – iterations and innovations should be measured and dis/proven fast.
  • Debate is healthy – we come to the table with evidence and insight, to be meaningful contributors to healthy debates.
  • Brilliance deserves recognition – we recognise and nurture talent, to create a joyful work environment.

We were born during lockdown, so we haven’t had to adapt our working practices to today’s circumstances. Instead, we’re building a culture that is fit for the evolving reality – inherently flexible, adaptable and resilient. As long as you can travel to meetings every c2 weeks in London/Bristol, when it’s safe to do so, you can work where suits you best.

If this sounds like a team you’d thrive in, we’d love to hear from you on recruitment@thejoyclub.com