We're on a mission to build the largest and most joyful online community of retirees globally - and have a joyful time whilst we're doing it!

We’re smart and kind, from a variety of different backgrounds, united by our excitement around the impact and potential of our work. We have always been clear on the importance of culture. To ensure that the whole team feels ownership over our culture, we co-created a set of values and edge factors that we live by, hire by and reward employees by.

Our edge factors enable to stay ahead of the competition:

  • Experimental – we test our hypotheses and learn quickly – driving innovation
  • Adaptable – in this fast-paced startup environment, our team is flexible and can pivot quickly, if needed
  • We get sh*t done – we have a bias to action, we’re tenacious and won’t give up

To be a good fit for the culture at The Joy Club, you’ll need to share our values:

  • Celebration – we celebrate each other’s victories – big and small – regardless of team or position
  • Collaboration – we all pitch in and work across teams to get things done
  • Making a difference – we are all driven by our mission to create real, positive impact in our members’ lives

We’re guided by the following operating principles:

  • We show up for each other
  • We make decisions based on data
  • We aren’t precious and are open to being challenged

We were born during lockdown, so we haven’t had to adapt our working practices to today’s circumstances. Instead, we’re building a culture that is fit for the evolving reality – inherently flexible, adaptable and resilient. As long as you can travel to meetings every month in London or Bristol, when it’s safe to do so, you can work where suits you best.

You can see our current vacancies here.

If this sounds like a team you’d thrive in, we’d love to hear from you on recruitment@thejoyclub.com