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Introducing The Joy Club membership - an exciting new perk for the modern retiree

The Joy Club is an online membership club where people can make the most of their retirement through live online events, content and community.

Brands across multiple sectors are excited to be partnering with us to offer Premium membership as a perk for customers in later life.

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Stand out from your competition

In a competitive landscape, you'll stand out as a forward-thinking and innovative brand.

Engage customers in later life

By 2040, a quarter of the UK's population will be over 65 and they will account for 63p out of every £1 spent in the UK economy - this is an important demographic to understand and engage.

Show customers in later life that you care

By providing membership to The Joy Club, your customers in later life will have access to a wide variety of live online events each month, a growing library of on-demand events and inspirational content.

Membership to The Joy Club is an exciting  perk being offered by brands from multiple sectors

Actively improving the wellbeing of our property owners is something we are really passionate about. This ranges from the events we put on in the villages, the food we serve at our restaurants right through to partnerships with innovative companies like The Joy Club. Our owners have access to an array of activities as part of The Joy Club community and I know many have relished getting stuck in.

Paul Morgan, Managing Director at Audley Villages
- The market leader in luxury retirement villages

When searching for a customer-centric activities platform for people living in later life, we found The Joy Club that would help complement our wellbeing service and deliver content around the NEF five ways to wellbeing. The Joy Club provides age appropriate live and recorded content and a blog that allows members to share their experiences. Also, feedback is welcome on activity sessions, which aids in the planning of future activity content, based off customer needs.


Behind this platform, sits a dedicated team of experts that ensures the smooth delivery of content and positive interactions with its members and stakeholders.

I would recommend this holistic wellbeing platform that will help enhance your customer experience.

Brett Jenkins, Wellbeing Development Manager (new developments) at Anchor
- The largest provider of specialist housing and care for people in later life in England

Retirement is such an important stage from a health and financial perspective but older clients tend to be overlooked when it comes to supporting their social needs. Partnering with The Joy Club to provide their platform as a retirement gift gives us a competitive edge and is our way of thanking and rewarding our older clients.

Craig Copeland, Director of the Willu Financial Group
- An innovative financial services company

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Offering membership to The Joy Club as a perk is effective, affordable and easy to set up.

Get in touch with The Joy Club Partnerships Team today on partnerships@thejoyclub.com - we look forward to exploring how we can support you.