About us

"Everyone deserves a joyful retirement."

Inspired by her Granny Jean’s experience of ageing – and a decade working in tech startups – Hannah, our Founder CEO, created The Joy Club. The Joy Club is a membership website that provides inspiration for a joyful retirement, with live online events every weekday, exciting offers from partners and uplifting content.

Hannah started working on The Joy Club in 2019 and knew that it was crucial to involve retirees from the beginning. Over 100 retirees have been involved in the creation of The Joy Club, making decisions on everything from the website design and categories of activities, to the brand colours and name. It’s our commitment to always listen to – and collaborate with – our members, to ensure that we best deliver on our mission of inspiring a joyful retirement for all.

So what are you waiting for?

Join the Club today and start enjoying a more joyful retirement.

Our Member Steering Group

David Hoyle

About me: My name is David Hoyle, I’m 68 and I live in Handforth, Cheshire. For most of my working life I was a police officer. When I retired from the force, I worked as a steward / car park attendant at sporting events and county shows.

Likes: I enjoy reading, doing jigsaws and crossword puzzles as I find they keep my brain active. I also enjoy upcycling old furniture, and I like keeping active – I go for at least an hour’s walk every day.

Dislikes: I am not a person who sits watching daytime television all day.

My advice to live by: Always tell the truth – telling lies can come back to haunt you.

Keji Dixon
Keji Dixon, member of The Joy Club and of the Member Steering Group

About me: My name is Keji Dixon, I am 71 years old (I still cannot believe it). I live in South East London and have done so for over 45 years. I love spending time with family and friends. If I could have my time again I would love to be a Human Rights Lawyer.

Likes: My likes are my Christian Faith, drama, punctuality, classical music, reading, dancing, drama, laughter and having fun and equality and justice.

Dislikes: My dislikes are cold callers, lateness, rudeness, arrogance, and swearing.

My advice to live by: I get up early and begin each day with a prayer of thanks and praise. Life is to be lived. I try to see the good and the beauty in everyone and everything. When things get me down I remember the song “Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing’s gonna be alright”. That makes me smile and dance and I try to make the most of life.

Keji Dixon, member of The Joy Club and of the Member Steering Group
Keith Barnes

About me: My name is Keith Barnes, I’m 66 and I live alone in Brighton. I have a long-term partner, but we live in separate cities. I was retired from a job as Sales Director at a large publishing house and am now very happily employed as a Bikeability Instructor training kids and adults to ride their bikes safely on roads. When we were younger, it was called Cycling Proficiency.

I get out on my bike most days and I hope that my cycle touring days are not over, but we’ll have to see what happens post-Covid.

I am a season ticket holder at Brighton and Hove Albion FC and have been for many years, even though I was brought up in London as a Spurs fan.

Likes: I love to travel and speak passable French, and living here in Brighton makes travel to France very easy. I am particularly keen on Turkey as my summer holiday destination and I have as many City Breaks as I can in Europe. I enjoy going to galleries and museums as well as restaurants and bars.

My advice to live by: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Jillian Cox

About me: My name is Jillian Cox, I’m 71-years-old and I live in a small town in West Yorkshire. I worked in the NHS for over 50 years, where I was a highly specialised Neurophysiology Technologist (this involved scanning people’s general nervous systems to get a diagnosis). I’ve worked at various hospitals in my career, including Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. I have two children, two grandchildren, two step grandchildren and one due in January.

Likes: I love meeting up with different friends for coffee and catch-ups, and I’m a member of a Book Club which has been going now for more than two years. I love my garden but am finding it hard to maintain now, although my biggest passion is going on holiday bus tours and cruises. I took my last holiday on my own and went to Australia for a month.

Dislikes: I dislike cooking (even more so lockdown), cruelty, bad manners and swearing.

My advice to live by: Honesty.


About me: My name is Mary; I’m 73 and I live in South West London. I’ve actually lived all over the place – between Catford and Beckenham, Macclesfield in Cheshire, Petts Wood, Bromley and now Brixton. My origins are in the West Country, however, being born in Lyme Regis, Dorset. In a previous life (before retirement) I was originally a typesetter. This was way before the days of Apple Macs and desktop publishing. I don’t go back as far as hot metal, but the original typesetting machines were nothing like we all use now. I’ve also worked in Sales. The last job I had was selling private medical insurance, although I cut my sales teeth on selling double glazing – it’s not an easy job!

Likes: It’s all about family for me. I enjoy spending time with my daughter, my granddaughter and my great grandsons, and until this year, travelling was my biggest passion. I have done a six-week journey through Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Malaysia back to Singapore, and I also took just under two months travelling from KL to Bali, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and home again. I also love musical theatre and dining out for lunch!

My advice to live by: Only look back nostalgically on happy memories. I think the saddest words in the English language are “If only…..”, so I try never to say or think them. What’s done is done so look to the future and enjoy it while you can.

Our team

Hannah Thomson,
CEO Founder

Hannah founded The Joy Club in 2019, inspired by her granny’s experience of ageing to focus on inspiring a joyful retirement for all. She previously held key roles in several award-winning startups, including femtech company Elvie where she was Head of Health and Strategic Partnerships. Hannah has degrees in human rights and business practices in life sciences – and is a graduate of the Oxford University Fintech Programme. Her multidisciplinary background reflects her curiosity about the world and her passion to use technology to change it for the better. When she’s not building The Joy Club, you’ll find Hannah trail running, sailing the high seas or training her Labrador puppy to be the perfect adventure buddy!

Rachel Brown,
Head of Product

Before joining The Joy Club as Head of Product, Rachel held key positions in a range of companies at varied stages of growth – delivering products within the media, e-commerce and finance industries. She held the sole product role in fintech startup Goji, supporting product build from ideation through to their Series A. At The Joy Club, Rachel is driven by our members’ ideas and feedback and works closely with teams across the company to develop a product that our members can enjoy. She combines her passion for creating great products with her commitment to driving positive social change. Outside of work you will find her walking with Ziggy the dog, watching/playing (mainly watching) sports or eating her way through the best chicken wings London has to offer.

Paul Ingham,
Head of Engineering

Paul brings 15 years of technical and leadership experience to his role as Head of Engineering at The Joy Club. Most recently, he held a senior position at On the Beach, joining the travel retailer as the second engineering hire in 2009. He then helped build, coach and mentor a team of more than 100 software engineers, driving engineering excellence and culture to the 2015 IPO and beyond. Paul combines his passion for building high-performing software engineering teams with his commitment to quality, nurturing curiosity and innovation, and a desire to change the norm. Away from the screen, he enjoys cooking and has recently been introduced to the
world of indoor plants.

Sarah Bradnum,
PR and Marketing Manager

Sarah (or Bradders, as she’s more commonly known) is the PR and Marketing Manager for The Joy Club – a role that allows her to combine her passion for building a more fair and equal society with her expertise in designing and delivering creative comms strategies. An award-winning PR professional, she came to The Joy Club having previously held positions in healthcare marketing and communications organisations and within the creative industries. Never one to be put in a box, Bradders has worked in a variety of roles, including as a professional actor, writer and theatre-maker, having produced critically acclaimed shows in London and across the UK, as well as appearing in various episodes of Doctors and Casualty!

Clare Riddle,
Partner Acquisition Manager

As Partner Acquisition Manager for The Joy Club, Clare is passionate about delivering a range of activities to bring our members joy. She is experienced in securing partnerships that delight a range of demographics across consumer and business audiences, at local, national and international levels. Clare’s previous roles have included sourcing at-home learning opportunities and family days out for Virgin Experience Days and developing enticing events for Fairmont The Palm, Dubai. When not on the lookout for new partners, Clare is spending time with her family and friends, going for woodland walks and pub lunches and enjoying her new hobby of swimming.

Abbi Andrews,
Customer Success Manager

Abbi held multiple customer-facing positions at early-stage start-ups, before joining The Joy Club. She started her career at onefinestay, a luxury home rental business, before moving to a social enterprise as one of the first employees at WhiteHat GB as their first Customer Success Manager. Abbi has a passion for delighting members and helping businesses to thrive and grow by nurturing their client base. She brings extensive knowledge of overseeing both member and partner relationships to her role. Abbi is a keen quizzer and an active member of a book and film club. Her proudest achievement is winning a bronze medal in the cha-cha-cha, aged eight.

Sophie Attenborough,
Partner Success Executive

Sophie’s career has been centred around building strong relationships. She began at an Airbnb-management startup as a Client Success Manager, driving customer retention and fulfillment. She then moved to a managed IT service provider as an Account Manager, from which she gained extensive experience working with businesses of multiple sizes and verticals. At The Joy Club, Sophie uses her relationship-building skills to develop meaningful partnerships, which ultimately make a positive difference to the lives of our members. Outside of work, she finds great joy in growing a wide variety of houseplants and is trying her best to perfect her golf swing.

Ellie Cole,
Membership Executive

When she’s not going for a nice long walk in the park or relaxing over a pub lunch, Ellie loves to help us build meaningful relationships across our member and partner ecosystem. As well as working directly with our member community, she develops partnerships with other businesses that share our vision of supporting people to enjoy a fulfilling retirement. During her time working at a commercial property start-up, Ellie gained valuable experience managing relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Passionate about contributing to impactful and thoughtful social change, she is thrilled to put this into practice at The Joy Club!

Hannah Brown,
Junior Copywriter

Hannah is the Junior Copywriter for The Joy Club. She joins the team with previous experience in writing and editorial work that she gained during her time at film festival start-up, Lonely Wolf. In addition to reviewing submissions, Hannah played a key role in building relationships between the festival and their growing community. She also ran her own local business as an English tutor, where she was motivated by encouraging students to gain confidence in their writing. Hannah joins The Joy Club to help us engage our members with useful and inspiring content. She holds a BA in English from the University of Cambridge and loves getting overly invested in discussions about books, TV and films.

Stephen Forrest,
Software Engineer
Stephen Forrest

Stephen joins The Joy Club as our Software Engineer, following three years spent at On the Beach. As part of the payments team there, he helped to implement the most up-to-date customer security measures, ahead of the vast majority of other companies in the travel industry. At The Joy Club, Stephen is an integral part of the engineering team – introducing new features to the website and striving to improve the quality and accessibility of the experience for our members. He values equality and diversity and is an advocate for mental health awareness. In his free time, Stephen loves to challenge himself with his own projects, such as constructing a fully functional dance mat for gaming, from scratch!

Stephen Forrest
Chris Simpson,
Senior Software Engineer

Chris joins us as a Senior Software Engineer, following four years at the travel company On The Beach. During his time there he honed his skills around UX, accessibility, and software design principles and patterns. As part of the Engineering Team at The Joy Club, Chris aims to help deliver robust, scalable systems which are accessible to our members and a joy to use. As well as burying his head in code, he enjoys solving problems as part of a team and mentoring junior team members. In his spare time Chris enjoys gardening, gaming and long dog walks with his family that preferably end with a lovely pub lunch.

Chloe Meade,
Community Executive

Chloe is the Community Executive at The Joy Club where she focuses on nurturing community and helping our members to get the best out of their membership with us. Chloe has past experience in community with co-working start-up, The Wheelhouse, where she worked to help enrich member experience and foster a sense of “buzziness” among the network. Outside of work, Chloe is a keen artist and can often be found sourcing inspiration in her local countryside with her greyhound, Dorian (she also has four cats at home that would join if they could!). She holds an MA from Keele in Politics, and is propelled by her passion for diversity and social change. Chloe puts her high EQ into good use at The Joy Club, facilitating meaningful connection across member events and interactions.

Igor Prato Luna,
Community Executive

Igor (pronounced “ee-gor”) joins The Joy Club as a recent graduate from Durham University, where he studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. As a student, he loved getting stuck in with the local Durham community by volunteering at schools and local care homes. He also co-founded the Environment and Ethics Committee at Grey College, bringing together a community of students working to create positive social change. Igor’s previous work at a letting agency in Aberdeen in forming meaningful connections with tenants. As part of the Community Team at The Joy Club, Igor is building our community of members and helping them to have the best experience possible. Outside of work, Igor finds joy in spending time outdoors, playing guitar, reading and painting, and is always eager to cook for his loved ones.

Our extended family

Tania Boler,

Tania Boler is the Chair of the Board of The Joy Club and was the company’s first angel investor. She is the Founder CEO of Elvie, one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. Since founding Elvie in 2013, Tania has built a team of over 100 digital, hardware and commercial staff. She has launched two innovative technology products, winning several awards – most recently one of TIME’s top 100 inventions of 2019. Prior to founding Elvie, Tania worked as the Head of Innovation for Marie Stopes International and held multiple senior positions in global NGOs and the United Nations. Tania has a PhD in Epidemiology from Stanford University.

Cian Weeresinghe,
Non-Executive Director

Cian sits on the Board and is a Non-Executive Director of The Joy Club. He is currently the CMO at Wise (previously Transferwise) and before that was the Chief Customer Officer at Secret Escapes, where he was part of their amazing growth story across the globe. He’s sat in growth, marketing, analytics roles for a number of interesting companies over the years including ASOS, the Guardian, eBay and Capital One. He loves the blend of art and science that marketing requires and believes in building long lasting brands using data as well as creative excellence. He enjoys reading, cooking and watching She-Ra on Netflix. He has an Economics degree from St John’s College, Cambridge but can’t remember how to do basic stats.

Jane Reddin,
Talent Advisor

Jane is The Joy Club’s Talent Advisor. She supports the team on talent strategy, culture and leadership development to make sure that The Joy Club is an amazing place to work, as the company scales. Jane cares deeply about helping entrepreneurial companies to scale up by using the right data to hire and develop the right people at the right time. In her 25-year career, Jane has transacted more than 500 senior hires, globally, for disruptive companies, built international and new-market teams inside a start-up, hired a fund team and, as an advisor, helped over 70 start-ups build high performing teams. Jane is currently the Talent Director at AlbionVC.

Alex Asseily,

British-Lebanese entrepreneur and investor Alex is an advisor to The Joy Club, which sits within his portfolio of investments geared towards delivering positive social and environmental impact. Alex founded Zulu Group to invest in and build ambitious, disruptive and sustainable products to upgrade humanity and heal the planet. He is the founder of mobile technology company Jawbone, the co-founder of femtech company Elvie and is currently an active partner and advisor to European tech companies Lilium and Chance. He is a Stanford alumnus, with expertise in product design and engineering.

Vassilis Angelopoulos,

Vas is an investor and advisor to The Joy Club, a recent addition to the angel investment portfolio that he’s built over the last ten years. He is a Partner at St James’s Place Wealth Management, where he provides financial and wealth management advice to his clients – including on how best to financially prepare for and manage retirement. As a visiting lecturer at King’s College London since 2018, he shares the extensive knowledge that he accumulated during two decades in trading, in roles including Managing Director for Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Vas has an MBA from London Business School.