Kiwi inspirations: Kathy Feest’s New Zealand sketches – part two

04 Jul 2024 | Written by Marina O'Shea

Welcome back to ‘Kiwi inspirations: Kathy Feest’s New Zealand sketches’ for part two of this creative audio series. Join us as Kathy Feest, a versatile writer with an impressive background in theatre, publishing, video production and medical education, continues to share her vivid and imaginative sketches inspired by her travels across the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand.

In this episode, Kathy brings to life four new compelling sketches:

  • “Ship’s Captain”: Dive into the world of a seasoned mariner navigating the unpredictable waters of both the ocean and his own life.
  • “Fall”: Experience the thoughts that reel from one small trip.
  • “Other woman”: Unravel the complex emotions and intriguing dynamics in a tale of relationships and secrets.
  • “Obstacles”: Confront the challenges and unforeseen hurdles that life throws our way through a gripping narrative.

Kathy provides an insightful introduction to these stories, reminding us that while her sketches are fictional, they are deeply rooted in the authentic experiences and fascinating people she encountered during her time in New Zealand. Her unique storytelling blends real-life inspirations with creative fiction, offering listeners a captivating escape into her imaginative world.

Whether you’re a fan of travel-inspired tales or well-crafted fiction, this episode promises to transport you into the heart of Kathy’s New Zealand adventures.

Tune in and let these vivid narratives ignite your imagination and give you a deeper appreciation of the creative process behind Kathy’s evocative writing.

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