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My dad was called Michael – Part two: Sunbeds and sunshine

23 May 2024 | Written by Abbe Martin

Join Abbe Martin in the second episode of her touching audio series for The Joy Club, where she continues to share the profound journey of her father’s decline into Alzheimer’s. In this follow-up to the heartfelt premiere, Abbe delves deeper into the middle stages of her father’s battle with Alzheimer’s, blending poignant moments with unexpected light-hearted anecdotes. You can listen to part one here.

In “Part two: Sunbeds and sunshine,” Abbe recounts the more challenging times of her father’s illness, painting a vivid picture of his struggles and the impact on their family dynamics. Yet, amidst the heartache, Abbe brings a ray of sunshine with a humorous tale involving a memorable sunbed session…

Through her candid storytelling, Abbe navigates the delicate balance between sorrow and laughter, capturing the essence of living with Alzheimer’s. Her narrative is both a tribute to her father’s enduring spirit and a source of comfort for listeners facing similar trials.

Tune in for a moving episode filled with love, resilience and a few smiles along the way, as Abbe Martin’s compelling journey with her father Michael continues to unfold.

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