The markers of a Hallmark Christmas film

29 Nov 2023 | Written by By Mel Burgess

The Joy Club member, Melanie Burgess, shares what she loves about Christmas movies (as well as a few of her favourite festive recommendations)…

I love Christmas. I know it starts too early in the shops now but it still holds all of its magic for me. I think of it as a time when people are kinder to each other and that there is a bit of love in the world.

The season starts for me as soon as the Christmas movies start appearing on television. Ah, there is nothing better than to settle down with a cup of something hot, my knitting and watch a cosy Christmas movie.

The ingredients have to be right though. A boy and a girl, one of them returning to their hometown or having to go to a small town in America for work. They meet and fall in love but then a crisis inevitably comes up…

Maybe they have to return to the big city or there is a fiancee on the scene or they get their wires crossed and it all ends in tears – or does it? No, this is a Christmas movie. They sort it all out and then there is the Christmas kiss. They always have to have a kiss at the end and as they kiss the tree lighting ceremony takes place and all around them are Christmas lights – oh and snow. It usually starts to snow as well.

At some point they will meet a kindly elderly gentleman with a long white beard who will twinkle at them. In between they have to make Christmas cookies, a gingerbread house and decorate a Christmas tree somewhere.

My two favourite Christmas movies: A Christmas Carol, of course, that is timeless with its truths about generosity, family and the true meaning of Christmas and While You Were Sleeping – who can resist Sandra Bullock trying to drag a Christmas tree through her window and slipping on the ice with Bill Pullman. That, for me, ticks all the boxes for romance, comedy and feel good factor.

So, if you are feeling down about Christmas and stressing over cake-making or present-shopping, take some “me time.” Settle down and watch a corny Christmas movie and get your feel-good-factor back again.

What’s your favourite Christmas film? Let Mel and your fellow members know in the comments below…

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