The Muse – a poem

27 Oct 2023 | Written by Josie Baker

The Joy Club member Josie shares another of her witty poems – this time on the theme of inspiration…


Elvis has left the building, and the muse has left me too;
Don’t know how to write no more, don’t know what to do.

Want to be a paperback writer, like Lennon wrote about,
Want to put pen to paper, want to scream and shout.

The world is going to the dogs, with everyone at war,
Makes me want to hide away, behind my own green door.

Can’t get no satisfaction now, have met my Waterloo,
I think I’ve simply lost the plot – the How the Why, the Who.

But if I make an effort, and I know I can – Oh Boy –
I then can send an email to the club that brings me JOY.

And if they put it on their site for everyone to see,
I’ll leave the muse to come and go, and simply let it be.

What brings you inspiration? Let Josie and other members know in the comments below!