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14 Sep 2023 | Written by The Joy Club

In recent years, studies have revealed that engaging in play can have immense benefits for adults – and yet it is something we often exclusively associate with childhood. Playing and playfulness may be considered frivolous and juvenile; play is – by definition – not productive. 


In fact, what is the definition of play? The British Psychological Society identified three core components of play. It is: enjoyable, voluntary and done for its own sake. 


This third attribute may explain why so few adults engage in play. Post-adolescence and throughout our working lives, every moment is underpinned by productivity. Many of us even consider the very basic act of ‘rest’ to be a means to help us to be our most productive selves! 


There’s a wealth of benefits play can have on your wellbeing, including but not limited to improving brain function, boosting creativity, healing emotional wounds and keeping you feeling young and energetic. 


At The Joy Club, we’re here to empower you to stay active, playful and curious. We host a wide variety of live online events, run exercise classes, creative workshops and an array of fascinating talks and lectures, all of which enable you to pursue lifelong learning and discover the things you truly love. 


You can learn more about the healing powers of play in The Joy Club’s exclusive talk with beloved author, performance poet and expert in play, Michael Rosen. Throughout this talk, he Michael discusses his novel, Getting Better, and the themes of trauma, grief and how play has been an integral part of his recovery journey. Watch the talk in full here: The Joy Club meets: Michael Rosen

You can also harness the power of play in keeping your brain active with our upcoming Neurobics brain and body fitness event – a fun, interactive workout for your mind, with brain exercises you can take away into your daily life. If you fancy getting crafty, you can fold along with Nick, the author and illustrator of over 100 origami books, in our recorded origami sessions. What’s more, we run weekly seated and low-impact dance classes. Our wonderful dance instructor Denise prepares choreography that keeps both your body and your mind active, with some moves specially selected to stimulate your brain!

Stay active, playful and curious by taking a look at our calendar of live online events

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