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Our members’ royal reflections…

05 May 2023 | Written by The Joy Club

Ahead of King Charles III’s Coronation, taking place Saturday 6th May, we asked members for their thoughts. Read on for our members’ royal reflections as well as a nostalgia trip, back to our late Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 year reign…

A royal encounter

“Some years ago I was in London as a tourist from South Africa (before coming to live here). My sister and I had walked all day – as one does when sightseeing. We were about to cross at the pedestrian crossing by Wellington Arch in Hyde Park, when we noticed – and heard – a motorcycle brigade approaching that stopped us in our tracks. The motorcycles passed right by us and behind them came a black car with a small figure sitting in the back. It took me only a moment to realise that it was the Queen herself! She passed right by us, looking straight ahead. A private viewing! It made our day.

I love all the pomp and circumstance, the music, the flypasts and every bit of the excitement of a royal occasion.”

Reflections on the royal family

“I am looking forward to King Charles III’s reign because I have always thought that he is a caring, far sighted and intelligent human being. So I’m happy that, finally, he is on the throne. 

From my childhood – which I spent far away in Sri Lanka – I had a fascination for the British Royal family. I was collecting pictures of the Queen, Princess Margaret Rose and I had a separate scrapbook for them.

The grace and charm of the Queen, the impish comments often made by Prince Phillip and the beauty of Princess Margaret with her melancholy beauty – the way they challenged all the rules captured my imagination. 

Now I am domiciled in the UK and still the attraction of Prince William and Kate and the lovely kids remains unchanged.”

Oh! I love them all!”


Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation – a memory

“As I approach my 90th Birthday, I think back to Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation all those years ago. I remember vividly how exciting it was. My boyfriend’s mother and father had bought their first television especially to view it. They invited me to their house and it was the very first programme I had ever seen. 

So to watch it in your own home was very special.

It was a cabinet TV but the screen was only small.

The excitement built up as we sat there in awe. I was given a port and lemonade – very indulgent in those days.

The picture was a bit bleary, but you felt you were there.

It was wonderful – such pageantry we hadn’t witnessed before.

I was so proud to see The Archbishop of Liverpool beside the queen during the ceremony, as he had confirmed me when I was 13. It was wonderful, I loved all the dresses the retinue wore and the Queen in her William Hartnel gown was so beautiful. Especially when she walked down the Abbey with the glorious crown on her head.

I’ll never forget it.

We are so lucky to have fabulous TVs nowadays.

So when Charles is crowned King on Saturday 6th of May, I shall be here watching the ceremony on my wide screen TV – and in colour this time. Unfortunately the family who were there that day, including my boyfriend whom I married in 1955, have all gone.

I shall watch this ceremony with my family this time.

I never thought our lovely Queen would die last year, but our throne will be in the capable hands of King Charles III. He is a sincere man and cares for his people and this country, and the environment of this world.

God bless the King. Long may he reign.”

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