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‘Altruism’ – a poem

12 Jan 2023 | Written by By Josephine Baker

In honour of this month’s theme, giving back, The Joy Club member Josephine Baker writes this spirited poem on the theme of altruism…



Altruism was the theme in writing class that day,
Show kindness to another, and so help them on their way,
The upshot is, you too feel good when giving love away

And so I rang old friends of mine, so we could have a chat,
Heard of illnesses they’d had – the usual stuff like that,
I listened to their hopes and fears while phone-in-hand I sat

One told me that his driving days were finally in the past,
He’d sold his car at 99 – that trip had been his last,
Now based within his comfy home, his memories were vast

Good friends from table-tennis, that was ‘my mate Reg’ and me,
Some years ago we’d holidayed in Spain beside the sea,
With lovely food, activities, and all the drinks for free!

He told me he was now content to sit within his home,
With carers coming morn and night, he had no wish to roam,
And when he thanked me I felt good for picking up the phone

Then next I rang another friend, the one that I had met
While ‘temping’ in an office many years ago, and yet
We’d always kept in touch with cards – now for that tete-a-tete

Jean’s partner has dementia, so her life is far from fun,
We said we’d meet at Jazz Club, fixed the date, the deed was done,
She was thrilled, and thanked me just for asking her to come

She’d something to look forward to, which gave me a warm glow
To know I’d cheered her up suggesting somewhere nice to go,
Her problems could be left behind for just a while; and so

Pick up the phone, or write that note, or knock upon that door,
You’ll give out love, but what you’ll gain is truly so much more,
The act of giving is a JOY; it’s really not a chore.

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