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‘World of their own’ – a poem

15 Oct 2022 | Written by By Melanie Burgess

A photograph of two people facing each other but with their phones in their hands

The Joy Club member, Mel, writes her second poem on The Joy Club park. ‘World of their own’ was inspired by Mel’s walk in the park during which she noticed the alarming number of people who were glued to their phone, failing to acknowledge the natural wonders around them.

A world of their own

Zombie like men and women
Headphones clamped to their ears;
Eyes down on smart phones,
Do they feel the wild autumn day
Or catch the scent of spring flowers?
They miss the song of the birds in the hedge
The laughter of children
Too intent on their technology,
Not thinking, not feeling, not seeing
Is this the sum total of their lives,
This insular world of machines?

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