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‘When I am’ – a poem

03 Oct 2022 | Written by By Melanie Burgess

The Joy Club member, Melanie Burgess, makes her debut on The Joy Club’s blog with her striking verse which explores the theme of fame.

When I am

When I am a famous preacher
I will start a revival
It will spread around the world
And people will be lining up to hear my sermons
They will go on for 3, 4 or 5 hours
People will be enthralled by them
I will publish my sermons in books
Which will become best sellers
I will preach at huge arenas
In front of crowds of millions
Talk show hosts will be begging me to appear
I will discuss theology with the great and good
Perhaps Gogglebox will make an offer for my services
I will present programmes and spread the word
But I will have to start simple
I will preach every other month in my local church
Until my fame spreads wider
All are welcome to come and hear me
So you can say “I knew her when”

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