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The vanishing berg

21 Sep 2022 | Written by By Susanna Lewis

Black and white photograph of a large chunk of floating ice on a dark ocean

Susanna submitted this touching piece of prose, as part of one of Grace’s Creative Writing sessions, along with her own introduction to the inspiration behind her work…
In our recent Creative Writing Group we looked at Climate Change and Environmental issues as a writing prompt for both prose and poetry. There were some amazing and thought-provoking pieces written by our participants and it certainly made me think about the effects of climate change on our natural world. I wrote this short piece of flash fiction which I would like to share with you. I wrote it from the point of view of a polar bear after viewing a photo in a magazine of a lone polar bear floating on a tiny piece of ice, the sight of which actually made me cry.

The vanishing berg

I am lost in my own world. My home. Floating on a melting iceberg, unsure of my destination. I see my loved ones clinging to life beyond the ridge. My tears are warm and flow freely, no longer icicles on my fur. And still I travel in the lukewarm ocean, desperately longing for a biting North wind to cocoon me in love.

I eagerly look for help, while ever aware of the metal monster cruising in my sea, searching for food that is mine. All mine! I want to shout ‘you are not wanted here!’ but my screams are stifled by the puddles of tepid water drowning my paws.

My weakness shows through this pathetic scene as the ice that was once my home now dissipates quickly. My glacial barrier is no more as the humans take their place in the world they have created.

I can do no more to survive in this hostile world. I am tired and my body weary of the fight to stay alive. Resting my body on the edge of my microscopic ice cube, I sigh, crying for myself and for mankind and I wait…

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