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The tennis match

14 Sep 2022 | Written by By Jane Ricot

Photograph of a man from the shoulders down, wearing a blue polo shirt and a grey knitted vest over the top, holding on a tennis racket on which he is bouncing a tennis ball

The Joy Club member, Jane Ricot, creates a real atmosphere with this piece of flash fiction which depicts the tension of a tennis match. Jane wrote this as part of Grace Palmer’s Creative Writing sessions, which are on every Tuesday at 3pm.

The tennis match

Silence fills the arena that surrounds the two of us. It’s gladiatorial.

I hold the ball in my hand, it tremors imperceptibly as I throw it upwards, soaring towards the sky.

It flies wide. The groan from the crowd greets the ball’s wayward flight.

I have one more chance to save the game, the match. I repeat the throw and, as my arm swings heavily downwards, the racket sends the ball hurtling towards my opponent. The spectators gasp as it flies towards me, no time to think, I’ve pitched it back, it falls, unreachable, at his feet.

I can’t hear the sound it makes, the cries are so loud. They really want me to win, they push me to another level, one I thought I could never reach.

I serve again. This is a real chance.

Back, forth, across, gasp, grunt, back, across


A second of silence precedes the explosion. The crowd screams, I scream.

I’ve done it. The champion, the youngest ever.

Amidst the rapturous applause I hear a familiar voice.

“Timothy, get yourself inside, it’s time for tea!”

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