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‘Whitley Bay – an apology’ – a poem

25 Aug 2022 | Written by By Sandra Falconer
Sandra's photograph of a sunny Whitley Bay, including the sea, yellow sands, and a grassy cliff.

Sandra’s photo of Whitley Bay

The third and final part of Sandra’s trilogy concludes the series on a reconciliatory note, making peace with the Whitley Bay that had been enough of a nuisance as to warrant ‘Staycation‘ and ‘The revenge of Whitley Bay‘. In ‘Whitley Bay – an apology’ she revisits this North Tyneside holiday destination and leaves with a renewed enthusiasm for the place.

Whitley Bay – an apology


When our hols were lost to Covid,

They offered compensation,

Just choose another break, they said,

For your summertime vacation,

But everybody got there first,

Or it seemed to be that way,

Since all that they could offer,

Was four days in Whitley Bay.

Now, I admit I’ve been quite rude

About that lovely place ,

So I wondered if this holiday

Might blow up in my face,

Would the caravan be booby trapped,

Or beside the kids from hell?

Our meals prepared with arsenic.

Only time would tell!

Well, It couldn’t have been nicer,

They served us up a treat,

sun and, fun, and tasty grub

We wished we’d stayed all week

Sincere regrets to Whitley Bay

I damned you with my pen

Please say that I’m forgiven

We’d like to come again.


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