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The Best is Yet to Come – Events I’ve Got My Eye on in June

22 Jun 2022 | Written by By Lindsey Betteridge

While skimming through The Joy Club Events calendar a couple of weeks ago to see what’s going to be available during June, I realised that I’d need to do more than just skim to make sure I didn’t miss anything of interest as there is just so much going on!

I felt spoiled for choice while at the same time, rather strangely, feeling slightly annoyed that I’d be away for a much-needed break for the second week of the month and so would have to miss some of the events. During that week I missed my regular Tai Chi, Zumba and Cardio classes so instead, I’ll catch up with them from the videos available on the ‘Exercise and Fitness’ Interest Group on The Joy Club website (under the ‘Blog’ heading).

By the way, if you haven’t yet tried it, downloading and printing out the monthly Events Calendar makes it nice and easy to see everything that’s on offer. You can stick it on the fridge and tick against the events you’ve booked up.

I was just back home in time for the Beginner’s Origami class with Nick, something I’ve always fancied trying. I found the unopened pack of origami paper, bought many years ago and with Nick’s help and patience managed to create a little outdoor scene and a butterfly, of which I was very proud. It proved to be a lovely way to spend an hour and I hope Nick returns for some more lessons. 


If I had to choose three upcoming events taking place during the last two weeks of June that I’ve got my eye on and am looking forward to the most (having already discussed my love of Philomena’s Zumba class in a previous blog), then I’d pick these…

Friday morning Cardio with Jill is so enjoyable, even though I do sometimes find it quite hard going – although I suppose there probably wouldn’t be much point in me doing it if it was easy! I do this class every week and have done so now for almost 4 months. I found the first few classes really quite hard as I’m not a great lover of exercise and, consequently, am quite unfit. However Jill is such a positive and patient instructor and she explains that we shouldn’t try to overdo it, can slow down or stop at any point and start up again when we feel ready.

For the first couple of classes, I was doing exactly this, when I couldn’t manage a section I would instead gently march around the room to keep moving. A few weeks ago, to my great satisfaction, I realised I was actually keeping pace with Jill, it’s still hard work but I know how much I’m benefiting from the class. I’m now taking it so seriously that I’ve invested in hand weights (or dumbbells) and a smartwatch to keep track of my improvement in my number of steps, increase in heart rate and sleep quality.


There are lots of studies showing the health benefits of taking regular exercise, in any form, as we get older. It may help prevent disease, improve overall immune function, mental health and can also benefit cognitive function. It can improve strength, flexibility, balance and coordination which can help reduce the risk of falls.

Then there are Valentina’s monthly Nutrition classes which have been a firm favourite with many members. She’s already taken us through various very useful, enjoyable and interesting presentations on brain, gut, post menopausal, sleep and skin health and on 24th June her talk will be on Food and Mood. Valentina’s sessions are an absolute delight, very interactive, she’s so enthusiastic and knowledgeable and she clearly loves what she does. She encourages our questions and feedback on what we may have been doing as a result of her sessions and I always take loads of notes, which I often revisit. I’ve learned so much about nutrition from her.


Finally, I’m very much looking forward to Dr Ching-Yu Huang’s talk entitled ‘Can crime investigation ever be free of bias?’ on 29th June, talking about real-life miscarriages of justice. At times we can all be guilty of unconscious bias, even though we don’t think we are but we can and do make assumptions and stereotype others from hidden influences and I’m very interested to hear about how this affects crime investigation as well as how new technology can help. 


What have you booked for the weeks ahead? Let me know in the comments if you’re coming to any of the same sessions as me – I look forward to seeing you there!


Want to see what else is coming up in June and July? You can check out the full Events calendar here.

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