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24 Sep 2021 | Written by Grace Palmer

creative writingAs the summer draws to a close, we have collated a selection of members’ writing produced in The Joy Club creative writing workshops with Grace Palmer.  Every line of poetry and prose in this collection is surprising, joyful and full of heart and we hope that this collection will inspire you, as it has us, to try your hand at something new.

Reading the work our members have poured their thoughts and feelings into, we are reminded of the power of writing. It can allow us to pay homage to the inner lives we have led and continue to lead. We hope you will enjoy this e-book of poetry and short stories as much as we have, and now to Grace who has introduced the collection in her own words…

Where will imagination take us? Stories and poems have taken flight from The Joy Club creative writing sessions and are living beyond their creators, ready to be enjoyed on the page.  

Writing can honour our family memories – read The Sock Mushroom by Sandra Falconer, or Boots and Laces by Joyce Skinn.

Writing can breathe life into history and introduce us to new subjects. Ness Starkey’s poem, Lady Anne Clifford’s Vigil  chooses to explore a moment in the life of this English peeress., born in 1590 and a powerful Northern figure who rebuilt churches and castles. Just compare the dull Wikipedia entry to the rich language that Ness uses in her work.

In Sue Walker’s stories Coming Home and A Dream Come True, the characters explore tensions between two states in her assured confident narratives.

Margery Strattan’s The Gift uses powerful close observations for effect and her poem, Healing considers the work of Agnes, mending ‘injured garments,’ and delivers a last line with the ring of truth and beauty, ‘the unspeaking part of my heart understands.’

Over the last five weeks Joy Club writers have explored themes of history, nature, music, relationships, and colours as writing prompts. See if you can spot the starting points in this glorious selection below.  

Do join us if you want to write. The group is friendly, positive and supportive.  

Members, click to view the full writing collection here.

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