9 small businesses you can support for less

10 Sep 2021 | Written by The Joy Club

Small businessesAlongside our wide variety of live, online events, we also have a range of fantastic deals and offers available for members to enjoy at The Joy Club. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or find the perfect gift for someone special, you can find some great deals at some of the most inspiring small businesses around the UK.

Why do we love these small businesses?

Some of the companies on this list are led by families, some by couples and others by brilliant solo, female entrepreneurs. All of them have been started by people who really care about what they do. After learning more about their stories, we chose these creators and innovators because we think they offer something that will bring you, our members, a bit more joy in the little things: crafting, learning, eating and more.

At The Joy Club, we have put together 9 small businesses we love. We were so pleased to discover these entrepreneurs, their wonderful products and their expertise, we hope you will be too.

1. Auriol Crochet

First on our list is Auriol Crochet – a wonderful small business created by Ann Brown. We were first drawn to Auriol Crochet because it is a woman-run business that embraces the joy of crafting, which we know can have some important benefits for our wellbeing.  Ann has so much personal passion for the craft itself and for sharing that passion with others, we couldn’t miss an opportunity to bring Auriol Crochet to The Joy Club.

“I started Auriol Crochet five years ago with the aim of offering crochet patterns, designs and crochet kits that help everyone to enjoy crafting. My favourite part of running my own crochet business is passing on my skills and my love of this fascinating craft to others.”

We could think of no one better to partner with to bring our members high-quality crochet patterns and materials. Ann is even returning to host another ‘Introduction to crochet’ event with The Joy Club on Thursday 7th October at 2pm, after the popularity of her first session. Members can sign up for that here.

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Coming up next we have the brilliant creative minds over at CAST jewellery. We were drawn to CAST because the duo of brothers, James and Luke Cottingham, have come up with an easy way to allow anyone to design their own bespoke jewellery.

“At CAST, we give customers around the globe an exciting opportunity to design and handcraft bespoke jewellery pieces, even their own Wedding Rings! We’ve cast over 20,000 unique creations and we are the best at what we do in the world.”

What better way to mark a memorable occasion for a granddaughter or a friend than with a piece of jewellery you have shaped with your own hands?

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3. Box42

Have you ever wanted to spend time with a friend but you’re struggling to think of something fun to do together? Born during lockdown, Box42 is a couple-run business created by Caroline and Jai, who provide hand-crafted date night boxes for couples and friends to enjoy.

“Our date night boxes are a wonderfully unique treat for couples and friends looking to spend extra quality time together. There’s no planning required, simply open the box and begin your date night adventure!”

We love the idea of a Spanish or Italian themed box to brighten up an evening at home, why not give them a try?

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4.  Kitchen Joy

You may already have got a flavour of the wonderful one-woman cookery school Kitchen Joy from the recent recipe she shared with The Joy Blog. If not, let us introduce you to Joy Phillips, the chef and teacher running online and in-person cooking classes from her gorgeous professional kitchen in West London…

“We are a Cookery School with a difference; we use nutritional pillars to inspire our recipes and our seasonal ingredients are locally sourced and specifically selected to promote wellbeing.”

Have you ever wanted to learn some new skills in the kitchen? Or always had a passion for nice food but never found the opportunity to hone some finer cooking techniques? You can finally treat yourself to some proper classes at Kitchen Joy with friendly courses that suit everyone.

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5. Laylo

Next we have another business started in lockdown and this time it’s something delicious and creative. Introducing Laura Riches and Laura Rosenberger, the inspiring women reinventing boxed wine through their business, Laylo. We’ll hand over to Laura to explain how the idea came about…

“I’d been thinking for a while that boxed wine really is a smarter way to drink: it stays fresh for six weeks from opening (perfect for the ‘odd glass’!) and is much better for the environment, as each box generates 90% less carbon than the equivalent wine in glass bottles. But due to quality issues in the past, it’s got an image problem. The idea was to make boxed wine cool again. The plan was to source premium wines from independent winemakers, and wrap them up in boxes you could proudly display on your countertop.

The first boxes landed on customers’ doorsteps in November and we’ve already featured in top product lists in Stylist Magazine, the Metro and The Independent. The wine was even a finalist in the blind-tasted People’s Choice Wine Awards alongside huge businesses such as The Wine Society and Mcguigan. Real ‘pinch me’ stuff.”

You can read more about Laylo in their full post on The Joy Blog here. With beautiful designs and expertly-chosen wines, why not give boxed wine a fresh try?

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6. Brownie and the Bean

Now let’s move onto a business run by the couple and business duo, Luke and Charlotte. We were drawn to Brownie and the Bean after coming across the mouth-watering photos of their baked goods.

“Our journey began when we moved from London to Suffolk after appearing on BBC1’s Escape to the Country and decided to create a business that supports other UK businesses.

With our family’s secret brownie recipe at our fingertips, we launched Brownie and the Bean and have been bringing people the joy of delicious baking ever since.”

When we heard the story behind Brownie and the Bean, we couldn’t wait to partner with them to bring our members amazing home-cooked brownies for less…

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7. The Honestly Good Smoothie Co. 

If you’ve been meaning to make some changes to your diet that will boost your health and make you feel like a more energised you, then look no further than The Honestly Good Smoothie Co.

“The old saying goes…”Mum always knows best”, and I have my superhero Mum to thank for inspiring my smoothie business.

Like many people, there was a time in my life when I suffered from digestive problems. Thankfully, Mum quickly came to the rescue with her healthy home remedies. She began blending vegetable smoothies for me every morning, and before long had opened up her spice cupboard and added superfoods to them too. Within days this new morning ritual had improved my digestion, raised energy levels and even banished that elevenses snack attack.

I couldn’t find another company that offered all organic veggie-packed smoothies. So, I handed in my notice and set up The Honestly Good Smoothie Co. (With Mum’s help, of course.)”

We have partnered with Vikesh to bring members a discount on his nutrient-packed smoothies, delivered to your door.

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8. The Oil Hut

From healthy bodies to happy ones, let’s talk about another family-run small business – The Oil Hut. We love that The Oil Hut are creating body oils and award-winning home diffusers by hand, so you can treat yourself and your home to soothing bath salts, pillow mists, sleep oils and more. In their own words…

“[Our products are presented in] discreet and stylish packaging all made in small batches with love and care. From our kitchen table in 2014 to being the proud winners of two National Awards last year, we continue on our amazing journey as a growing small family business.

Our best sellers include the Ease It Oil which helps sore and arthritic joints, the sleep range that helps you drift off peacefully and the long lasting diffusers add a wonderful smell to any space.”

Natural blends of pain-relieving oils sound right up our street. Take a look at The Oil Hut’s full range of products and find something to treat yourself to this month.

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9. The Willoughby Book Club 

There’s nothing quite like settling down to a really, really good book and feeling transported to another world. Inspired by their own love of reading, Danielle and Marianne set up The Willoughby Book Club in 2012 as a way to match readers to their perfect book. We’ll let them explain how it works…

“Whatever your favourite genre may be, we’ve got your reading needs covered! Simply tell us a little information about your reading tastes and favourite genres, and let us surprise and delight you with a book each month chosen especially for you, presented in our signature wrap.”

Did you promise yourself that retirement would be the perfect time to get back into reading? We love The Willoughby Book Club because they make it so easy to find a book that you’ll almost certainly enjoy so you can fall in love with reading again.

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