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5 reasons why I go running

02 Jun 2021 | Written by Hannah Thomson


Global Running Day

Today is Global Running Day 2021 – a worldwide celebration to encourage people to get moving and stay active. 

Our Founder CEO Hannah Thomson, who is an avid adventurer and marathon runner, is passionate about the positives that running can offer us all – from improving our health and boosting confidence, to relieving stress – and shares the five reasons why she runs…

1. Running is a good stress relief

When life gets busy, it’s very tempting to hang up your running shoes and focus that time on solving whatever needs to be solved instead. This, I have learnt, is a false economy! Running is such a great stress relief and makes me into a more productive, efficient and calm colleague, friend and partner. So, when the going gets tough – the tough go running!

2. It’s meditative

Creating headspace, as I focus on putting one foot in front of the other, is hugely meditative. I can sometimes run for ten minutes or so, without thinking about anything in particular – a feat I can never achieve if I sit down and try to meditate! For me, running through the countryside gives such a feeling of inner peace. 

3. It shows what humans are capable of

My longest race was a 75km ultramarathon run along the coast path from the Lizard to Land’s End. It took me 12 hours to complete and I couldn’t move for at least two weeks afterwards. There were definitely fitter people than me who didn’t finish. Endurance sport is such a psychological challenge – it really is ‘mind over matter’ and shows what humans are capable of when they pursue a goal with determination.

4. Running is democratic

What I really love about running is that it’s a sport that everyone can do! All you need to invest in is a pair of trainers (and a good sports bra!) and then you can get out there. You can go as fast or slow as you like – for a quick loop around the block, or for miles and miles. For anyone reading this who doesn’t consider themselves a runner, I recommend giving it a go – you might surprise yourself! You could also try going for a brisk walk – whatever you feel comfortable doing.

5. It’s a great way to show commitment to a cause

I love to run for a good cause. Last year, I ran the London Marathon as part of the Age UK team. Due to COVID, it was a virtual marathon so I ran alone on the Bristol to Bath railway path.  I fundraised over £2,000 for the charity, which I also volunteer with as a telephone befriender – so I knew the money was going to be spent well, which kept me motivated as I ran.