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How adaptogenic coffee helps you find mental clarity

14 May 2021 | Written by London Nootropics


As we near the end of Mental Health Awareness Week, we are proud to share our partnership with adaptogenic coffee-makers, London Nootropics. What better way to harness the power of nature and boost our wellbeing than through ancient, organic remedies?

For years, humans have been using mushrooms and other natural ingredients to improve health, both physical and mental. London Nootropics have taken that age-old wisdom and used it to craft a range of coffee blends. Each blend is made with adaptogenic ingredients that are known to help support your body and mind, give you a natural boost and improve your concentration throughout the day.  

In this blog, the team at London Nootropics explain the health benefits of their nootropics. They describe how they source their fantastic ingredients and talk about how their adaptogenic coffee blends can help you find balance and mental clarity.

We’re Zain and Shez, from London Nootropics. Our vision is to make functional plants, mushrooms and other natural nootropics easily accessible, convenient and delicious, allowing more people to benefit from their cognitive enhancing properties in their daily lives.

So, what are ‘nootropics’? 

Not everyone will have heard of nootropics before, so the best way we can describe them is to say that nootropics are nature’s very own brain-boosters. They are known to enhance cognitive performance, improve brain health and aid mental development and learning. 

Nootropics work in many ways to produce a wide range of benefits across memory, focus, motivation, verbal fluency and more. Many of them also have adaptogenic properties, which means that they help your mind and body adapt to physical, mental and emotional stressors and find balance. 

Finding the best source…

We believe that to get the most out of our natural ingredients, we must source the highest quality nootropics, which is why we find ours in some of the most remote corners of the earth. 

We source wildcrafted Rhodiola Rosea for our Grind coffee blend from the pristine Siberian Altai region. We also draw from the memory enhancing and anxiety-reducing properties of Ashwagandha, using an award-winning supply of the root that has been refined by a process that took 14 years to develop. 

How can drinking nootropics aid us with finding balance and boosting our wellbeing?

There are an abundance of benefits to your health from adaptogenic plants and roots. Whether you are seeking to enhance your long-term memory and mental clarity, reduce brain degeneration or increase blood flow and oxygenation of cells, there is a medicinal nootropic for you. One of our ingredients, Cordyceps, is known to boost immunity, increase aerobic capacity and oxygen flow to your brain and body, and make you more resistant to fatigue. 

We have created three adaptogenic coffee blends, each designed around a specific positive effect to help you balance and provide physical and mental support depending on how your day is going:

  • Grind coffee – for mental clarity and concentration 
  • Zen coffee – for feeling alert, focused and calm 
  • Mojo coffee – for discovering endurance and vitality 

Try it for yourself!

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