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Knitting with LoveCrafts

07 May 2021 | Written by LoveCrafts


Crafting is about taking the time to make something. But, it’s more than just making. Crafting is learning new skills, sharing your passion and joining a community of like-minded individuals. Above all, it’s the feeling you get when you make something with your own hands – pure joy. We’re thrilled to have partnered with LoveCrafts – a global community of happy crafters all over the world and the number one destination for knitting and crochet supplies. Our members get a discount off any LoveCrafts product – check out the deal. 

In this blog, find out how LoveCrafts came to exist, and for those of us who’d like to become more crafty, there’s all you need to know about knitting and getting started.

Back in 2012 three dreamers Edward, Cherry and Nigel founded LoveCrafts as a platform for knitters to find all the supplies and patterns they’d need in one place. Today, if you browse LoveCrafts.com you’ll find every craft you can dream of. From knitting, to crochet, punch needle and embroidery supplies, you name it, we’ve got it. Plus there are lots of patterns and inspiration to match! 

But where to start if you’re a beginner? For those who like decorative crafts, learning to cross-stitch or embroider will suit you perfectly. If you imagine yourself making your own hats and adorable gifts, knitting is the perfect hobby to pick up.

It’s easy to start knitting

If you’ve never picked up a pair of knitting needles before, the thought of learning to knit can seem a little daunting. But, the great thing about knitting is that there are plenty of tutorials to guide you.

You’ll need to learn how to hold your needles, how to cast on and how to knit your first row. Once you’ve mastered these basics you can start knitting in just one afternoon. And trust us, the rewards are great. 

What you’ll need to get started…

LoveCrafts - KnittingThe best thing about knitting is that you don’t need any fancy tools or equipment to get started. A good pattern, a ball of yarn and a pair of knitting needles (with a bit of determination) and you’re set.

LoveCrafts.com has a fantastic range of yarn, suitable for beginners. We recommend a chunky weight yarn and single pointed 6mm needles to start. For chunky yarns perfect for knitting newbies, try the affordable and colourful Paintbox Yarns. The best thing about the Paintbox range is that there’s a kaleidoscope of free patterns to choose from too. Whether you’re looking to craft a cosy hat for a friend, a snuggly baby blanket or a dreamy scarf, there’ll be a beautiful selection of projects to inspire you.

What’s the best project for a beginner to make?

This MillaMia chunky scarf is a favourite amongst newbie knitters! It’s easy to make, working row by row in garter stitch. Choose from delicate pastel shades or a pop of zesty colour in MillaMia’s Naturally Soft yarn. 

Easy stripes with a cushion to keep

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you master stripes with this free cushion pattern from Paintbox Yarns. Pick your palette and get making…

Take your time with a cardi

Moss stitch yourself a gorgeous knitted jacket from the Debbie Bliss collection. This one’s a bit more challenging, but you can do it! Once you understand how to read a knitting pattern and master your moss stitch, all that’s left to do is snuggle into this dreamy project and enjoy the journey!

You can find out more with LoveCrafts’ Beginners Guide to Crafting.

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