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Face Yoga: Lisa Barrett shares the benefits

09 Apr 2021 | Written by Lisa Barrett

Face Yoga

Lisa Barrett is the founder of Glowology – a vibrant lifestyle blog featuring the latest mid-life health and beauty news, offers and must-haves – as well as a qualified Face Yoga teacher and a women’s lifestyle writer. She worked in the magazine industry for many years as a beauty editor and then freelancer for publications such as Cosmopolitan and Woman’s Own, where she wrote about beauty, wellbeing, health and fitness. Currently, she’s writing a column for Love It! magazine, which is about being a ‘mid-life mum’ and all that it entails. 

We asked Lisa to share her journey to becoming a Face Yoga teacher, how it can help you to age well and, most importantly, feel amazing in the skin you’re in. 

Lisa will be giving a free The Joy Club Presents… talk to our members on Friday 16th April, where she’ll host a 45-minute Face Yoga techniques class. Members can sign up here

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Hello, I’m Lisa. I’m passionate about pro-ageing – which for me means that although ageing is inevitable, becoming invisible isn’t. Through my writing and Face Yoga I aim to inspire women to age well, be healthy, have fun and choose to be and do what they enjoy and makes them feel happy. I honestly believe that it really is never too late to do or be anything you want. 

I came to Face Yoga at 53 during the pandemic, having seen and felt the benefits of practicing it daily; looking refreshed and feeling relaxed. I finally understood the importance of self-care and I loved the fact that Face Yoga is a beauty and wellbeing tool that you can do yourself anywhere, anytime to improve your mood and appearance.


What is Face Yoga?

Just as the muscles in the body need toning through exercise, so do the 57 muscles in the head, face and neck. It isn’t just about doing exercises to make the face look younger – of course, that is involved – but the Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method that I teach is much more holistic. I enjoy it because, as well as the strengthening and firming exercises, it also includes other aspects such as wellbeing, acupressure, massage and relaxation. Combined, these will:

  • Lift and tone facial muscles to improve sagging
  • Boost circulation to give the skin a healthy glow
  • Improve lymphatic drainage to remove toxins, preventing puffiness and dark circles
  • Soften wrinkles and help to counteract new ones from forming
  • Stimulate production of the proteins collagen and elastin, which act as the skin’s scaffold and plumping agents 

It really is a way to make you feel good inside and out. I like to tell clients, it’s not about wiping the years away, it’s about looking like a fresher, happier and more glowing version of yourself. Over time, with consistent Face Yoga practice, you will get fabulous results. 


My Face Yoga techniques class

I would advise that you come to my class on Friday 16th April wearing little or no makeup, and with clean hands, some moisturiser or serum (not too oily) and a small mirror so that you can check your movements. You may also want a glass of water to keep hydrated too. I’m going to teach you some feel-good, revitalising facial exercises, along with massage and relaxation techniques that you can use to incorporate into your daily routine. Looking forward to meeting you all then!

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