Pet poem

21 Mar 2024 | Written by Marina O'Shea

The Joy Club member Josephine Baker writes this poem about whether to have a dog or a cat as a companion…

Pet Poem

A puppy or a kitten? That’s the problem that I face
I need some company at home – to fill a lonely space

I’d take a dog on walks with me – so, fresh air every day
We’d walk in sunshine and in rain, I’d throw a ball, he’d play

I’d teach him tricks and how to beg, to sit and come and stay
He’d learn to understand commands, do everything I say

But if I chose little cat to live at home with me
I’d sit and gently stroke her as she nestled on my knee

She would not follow orders, she would simply suit herself
She’d idly lie around for hours, then leap up on a shelf

And if she found a better deal, I’m sure she’d leave me flat
‘Cause that’s the way it’s always been for folk who own a cat

So, ‘dogs have masters, cats have staff’ is how the saying goes
A dog would need to have his walks and keep me on my toes

Cats do not bark, do not cause stress, and do not make demands
They’ll cuddle up and, if it suits, they’ll gently lick your hands

A dog could come away with me, as long as ‘Dogs Allowed’
And we could run along a beach, he’d make me laugh out loud

But if I holidayed abroad and owned a cat, I could
Leave her happily at home; a friend would give her food

So, do I holiday abroad or simply stay at home?
As owner of a cat or dog decides how far I’d roam

I’ll have to give it longer, and weigh up just what is what
‘Cause I’m not getting younger; do I get a dog or cat?

It’s probably best to leave it for the moment, I dare say,
And ‘ere I get a cat or dog, I’ll take a holiday.

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