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Learn to live more sustainably with The Joy Club

22 Sep 2023 | Written by The Joy Club

At The Joy Club, we’re taking the time to think more mindfully about how we can be kinder to the planet…

Over the past decade, extreme and unusual weather events have become alarmingly frequent. The climate crisis – and the urgent need to take action – is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. It seems that every summer in the UK now yields “record high temperatures” and already in 2023, there’s been a record-breaking cyclone in south-eastern Africa, unbearable heat-waves across Asia and ice storms across the United States.  

Whilst it is vital that we take these situations seriously, in order to resolve them we must remain optimistically proactive, making small changes wherever we can to ensure the survival of our planet. We have a selection of on-demand content to explore to provide practical guidance on how members can live more sustainable lives. You can watch Greenpeace Speaker and part-time climate activist Lara Adamczyk outline the damage being done to the planet and the ways we can combat these issues. You will gain invaluable insight into how you – as an individual – can live a more sustainable, environmentally friendly life.

Alternatively, you can read articles that outline ways members can deal with the climate crisis, including a thought-provoking piece on sustainability by The Joy Club member Sandra and practical tips on how to live a more climate friendly life by Earthology Founder CEO, Sarah Blake. 

Many people struggle with the magnitude of the climate crisis – something which can sadly result in apathy or, worse, an overwhelming sense of doom. Mindfulness coach and facilitator at The Joy Club Catherine Nasskau wrote a helpful guide on how to deal with climate change anxiety, enabling members to approach the issue of global warming in a way that is not detrimental to their mental health and wellbeing. 

Here at The Joy Club, we hope that we can help you to make small, practical steps towards a more sustainable way of living. For example, this preserves masterclass, led by MasterChef’s Beth Thomas, will provide insight into how you can reduce waste and make the most of seasonal fruits and vegetables for months to come – after all, food production accounts for over a quarter (26%) of greenhouse gas emissions. You can take what you learn from The Joy Club and adopt more climate friendly habits and practices in your day-to-day life. 

Although the climate crisis cannot be solved overnight, we believe that taking whatever action we can towards a sustainable future will give us the best chance of success at leaving behind a better world for future generations.

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