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Wildlife photography: Autumn

29 Oct 2022 | Written by By Anna Treasure

The Joy Club member Anna Treasure shares her autumnal wildlife photography, all taken from the comfort of her mother’s bustling garden – which seems to still be teeming with life, despite the turning of the seasons. You can peruse Anna’s previous wildlife photography piece here.

One of the things I think we are so lucky to have in the UK is the beautiful Autumn colours that we get at this time of year.  As the greens give way to oranges and golds, we can really feel the seasons change.  Although I like to go out and about taking photos, I always get drawn back to our garden as we have such an abundance of wildlife just outside the window. And, as the leaves drop from the trees, it means that we get a better glimpse of the birds that normally hide in the foliage.



As we sit and watch the garden, we have noticed a few visitors that we don’t often see, such as the Long Tailed Tits who may have been attracted to our bird feeder as the colder weather draws them to the higher calorie food.  A whole flock of them arrived all at once and only stayed for about ten minutes, but I managed to get a quick snap as one of them stopped for a drink. I think they are one of the sweetest birds with their fluffy plumage, their tiny, short beaks and beautiful long tails. It was such a nice surprise to see them.



Our resident family of Sparrows have been enjoying the berries on the Pyracanthas, even though the Pigeons seem determined to eat as many as they can too.  We were worried that the Sparrows might disappear as our next door neighbours have been replacing the fence behind the bush, but luckily the hubbub hasn’t disturbed them – or decreased their appetite! Hopefully we are helping, in some small way, to prevent the decline in numbers of this lovely little bird.



And to make sure we have plenty of colour in the garden, Mum has been busy planting some lovely Autumn flowers.  The Chrysanthemums have wonderful golds and oranges and she has also put in some white and red Dahlias.

Photographic triage of autumn flowers

As I look out of our window my eye is always caught by the Stag Horn Tree half way down the garden. It is beautiful at this time of year. It turns a striking array of oranges and golds and, when the sunlight catches the leaves, it looks magical.



There will be more wildlife photography to come as the Camelia is due to come out in beautiful white flowers soon, so I am looking forward to taking photos of those.  And I will continue to keep an eye on our feathered friends as the weather gets colder, ensuring that they have plenty to eat and drink. 

I have enjoyed sharing my love of Autumn with you and I hope that you’ve been able to see some of its beauty – from wherever you are.

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