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‘Colours of the rainbow’ – a poem

27 Oct 2022 | Written by By Josephine Baker

Colours of the rainbow painted vividly onto a canvas

The Joy Club member Josephine writes vivid verse, breathing new life into the colours of the rainbow through her poetry.

Colours of the rainbow

Red is bold, confident, dangerous
The sun setting over African plains, traffic lights, party dresses, bonfires,
Red’s outrageous!

Orange is sunny, ripe, generous,
Warm and laughing, Majorcan trees heavy with fruit,
Buddhist monks’ robes, a celebration of life

Yellow speaks of golden dawns, topaz, saffron,
Daffodils in spring, sun flowers and lemons in summer, autumn cider,
Softness like a cashmere sweater

Green is for forests and grass
Fresh shoots, mown lawns, olives, gooseberries, new peas, cucumber,
It brings new life, rebirth and hope

Blue is in the summer skies, rushing streams, a baby’s eyes,
Sapphires, icebergs and oceans, bluebells in spring, forget-me-nots,
Early evenings, nostalgia, peace

Indigo is an enigma between purple and blue,
A melancholy mood, distant mountains, foxgloves, deep thoughts,
A velvet sky, a heather clad moor

Violet is a tiny flower, Liz ‘Taylor’s eyes,
Amethyst’s dark sister, damson gin sipped slowly, blackberry cordial,
Deep dreams and tokens of love

And at the end of it all is our Pot of Gold

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