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Alive from within

05 Oct 2022 | Written by By Mary Gorman

Photograph of the back of a man, standing on the other side of a double bed. Light floods in through the window

Inspired by her time as a relationships therapist,  Mary Gorman wrote this salacious short story of marital misdemeanours. Read on for a shocking twist.

Alive from within

As I hovered on the landing, I could hear his soft breathing through the door. The rhythm of it, so beautiful and enticing, was like a love melody to my ears.

The evening began with a visit from Jake; nothing unusual. He often called in “To check if you are ok” was what he would always say. I would smile and reply “how kind of you” – but really it was his excuse to get out of the house and away from Charlotte.

“I think she is having an affair,” he blurted out as he sat down in what was his favourite chair.  I poured a large G&T and handed it to him..

“I think it is with Sophia. I found a message from Sophia to Charlotte, asking how long she was going to live a double life. What else can that mean?”

I smiled inwardly. I couldn’t care less what Sophia and Charlotte were up to. All I could think was ‘yes! Finally Jake may get the message of my feelings for him.’

He had asked if he could crash the night at mine. I said of course, the spare room was all made up. I was glad that I had put the lovely silk sheets on that bed. As the clock struck midnight, I was reminded how late it was. I made my way to my room with a heavy heart.  

“Good morning Jake. I hope you slept well,” I called out as I opened his bedroom door whilst carrying a cup of coffee. Sitting down on the ottoman at the bottom of the bed, my heart racing, I knew I had to tell him “I was tempted to crawl in beside you Jake last night, you looked so inviting”.

“You are not serious” he shouted sitting bolt upright in the bed.

I nodded.

“You are, oh my God Joan I must go, you are 77 and I am 45.”

“How could you?” 

As the front door slammed behind him I thought it is not fair. The body may be old but the sensuous spirit within is still alive.

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