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‘The revenge of Whitley Bay’ – a poem

18 Aug 2022 | Written by By Sandra Falconer

Microscopic view of Covid19 antigen.

As the second instalment of Sandra’s poetic trilogy, ‘The revenge of Whitley Bay’ harks back to the harsh words of ‘Staycation’, which criticised this classic British holiday destination for its classic British (bad) weather.  Time for Whitley Bay’s retort…

The revenge of Whitley Bay

Whitley Bay you tinker 

You like revenge served cold 

You took your time to pay me back 

For words you found too bold 

Oh come on Tyneside by the sea 

You fed us quite a week 

Torrential rain and stormy skies 

With summer at its peak.; 


This year we went for culture 

A few miles further on 

The weather was magnificent 

Whatever could go wrong 

Then we caught the virus 

Our plans are all in bits 

Whitley bay you stinker 

You really are the pits 


But when we saw the forecast 

Uploaded from the Met 

We laughed and laughed our socks off 

Cos you’ll be awfully wet 

You’ve saved us from a soaking 

Like the one you sent last year

We’ll chill at home in comfort 

Til the dark clouds disappear.


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