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Seasons change, your skin does too

15 Apr 2022 | Written by By Kris Davies

As the buds and blossoms emerge, the lambs appear in the fields and ‘the birds and the bees’ produce their young, your skin also desquamates naturally (removal of dead skin cells), therefore needs refreshing and protection as it’s renewed. 

No matter what age you are or your skin is, this natural process occurs, therefore skin care and habits may need an update.


How do you know you need to make changes?

Here are a series of questions you can ask yourself to gauge how your skin is feeling:

  • Is your skin lacking a lustre or glow?
  • Does your skin feel tight, not dry?
  • Is your skin lacking its usual ‘pinkness’?
  • Have you noticed itchiness, rashes, random spots or urticaria (nettle rash)? Even headaches…?

Two of the most common issues I see this time of year with my clients are skin being dehydrated and random rashes. This is due to the skin being parched from previous months’ central heating, eating and drinking habits of winter and airborne seasonal changes such as pollen. As we come out of the COVID period, stress is a huge factor too!

If you are experiencing any of these or other issues then there are a few things you can do:

1. Check that your cleanser, toner and moisturiser are in date! (A common error.)

No, it’s not ok to pick up a product that’s been lost at the back of the bathroom cabinet for at least 5 years and use it! Chances are it’s gone off. Think of it as bread that’s been sitting in your bread bin for over a week or a biscuit at the back of the cupboard – more than likely it is mouldy, damp and tasteless. This means that they are probably full of germs and growing more, which can lead to reactions on the skin and certainly won’t have any of its goodness left to help your skin. Would you eat the bread or the biscuit? I hope not, therefore don’t use out-of-date products. Check the date. Recycle the container.


2. You may need to change your products to suit your skin changes.

Ask your product provider or skin therapist or myself at a face yoga session. Incorrect products are also a common reason why they do not seem to be working.

3. Treat yourself to a facial to restore your skin.

Which facial you ask? This will depend on your skin type, the issues you are having and what you would like help with, however, most skins these days are dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to so many problems including sensitivity issues, lack of cell renewal, skin’s general functions being impaired, overuse of products – as we naturally think it’s dry, when it isn’t, increase in oiliness, and tightness for example. It is an easily overlooked option. Always ask your skin practitioner for advice and if in doubt have a relaxation facial. That always solves many issues in one go.

4. Do not overuse products, thinking more is needed.

Less is more when it comes to your skin in spring. For example, it is a common mistake to increase exfoliation routines, whereas adding a serum instead is a much better option.


5. Massage your face when you apply your products, every day.

Refer to the April Face Yoga class for help on this and past classes. Do face yoga!

6. Drink more water and reduce your caffeine!

Sorry! I know I’m a nag when it comes to this advice! It is so essential to our daily vitality and body processes.


7. Last but not least (I could go on!): Are you using an SPF?

The sun is rising higher, the days are getting longer and warmer (hopefully), so your skin needs added protection. Check your products and look if SPFs have been added. Essential oils also carry an SPF naturally, but this is generally not mentioned as it is difficult to measure. Be safe and add an SPF.


Remember the basics and add simple changes that can make massive changes to your skin health, which will improve your vitality and mental health too.

I recommend this beautiful tea to help support your skin during this time. (Please check that the ingredients do not clash with any medication or conditions.)

If you enjoyed these tips from Kris and found them helpful, she regularly runs live skin care and face yoga classes for members. Take a look at our events calendar here to see what’s coming up and book your place!

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