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World Arthritis Day 2021

12 Oct 2021 | Written by Versus Arthritis

Versus Arthritis

Today, it’s World Arthritis Day and we’re delighted to share this new blog from our friends over at Versus Arthritis – the UK’s largest charity dedicated to supporting people with arthritis. Together, we’re sharing information to help those living with the condition connect with others who share similar experiences. We are also raising awareness and advocating for  improvements to be made to joint replacement waiting times. 

When you have arthritis, the daily grind of pain, fatigue and isolation can wear you down. We know many people with arthritis are having a tough time right now, whether you’re waiting for diagnosis or support, waiting for surgery, or struggling to do the things you used to find easy. 

You are not alone. We are here for you.

Versus Arthritis is the UK’s largest charity, dedicated to supporting the 10 million people affected by arthritis. We understand how tough it can be, and how much we all need a little strength sometimes. That’s why we fund world-class research to find newer and safer treatments, provide support and information to those affected, and campaign so arthritis is recognised.

We’re proud to be partnered with The Joy Club, who are committed to supporting their members living with arthritis . Together, this World Arthritis Day, we’re asking you to help us make arthritis impossible to ignore. On the 12th October, you can get involved in three ways:

  1. Find the support you need in our online community, or share our website with someone you know who might need our support. 
  2. Make a donation today so we can continue being there for everyone affected by arthritis, both now and in the future. 
  3. Write to your MP or devolved politician to demand answers from those in power about how they’ll tackle joint replacement waiting times. Visit our website for more information on how to get involved, plus templates for your letter. 

For too long, arthritis has been ignored or dismissed. We’re committed to changing this and, with your help, we know we can. Join us this World Arthritis Day, and send strength to those living with arthritis. 

Together, we are Versus Arthritis. You can find more detailed information on our YouTube page – click here to take a look.

To find out more about Versus Arthritis and how you can get involved, head over to the website: www.versusarthritis.org.

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