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The Joy Club writers’ showcase: New dawn

18 Jun 2021 | Written by The Joy Club


New dawn

We’re delighted to introduce our first ever The Joy Club writers’ showcase. Our members have been discovering their literary voices and crafting some brilliant poetry and stories. We have been awed by the talent and variety of work produced and feel it would be a huge shame to keep it behind doors! That’s why we’ve collated a selection of our members’ writing to share with you… The second piece from our writers’ showcase is by our member Joyce and is called ‘New dawn’. 

New dawn (Joyce Skinn)

The stage is set

The unveiling of the sunrise

Revealing all the glory

Of a sky on fire

My heart is warmed, rising in hope

As the curtain rises with the sun

I sip through the unfolding scene

A steaming cup of Earl Grey

Warms my hands

I’m dazzled by the beauty 


The radiance of a new dawn

Breaks into my room

Ushering in the day

Sharp pure white light

Gliding wraith-like

Across waiting walls 

Blank canvas as yet undrawn

Candy floss clouds drift seawards

Undisturbed by the blinding light

My eyes gaze heavenwards 


Read more of our members’ stories and poems in the complete The Joy Club writers’ showcase: Term 2.

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