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Mental wellbeing tips from our members

15 May 2021 | Written by The Joy Club


It’s been wonderful to see the vast array of free resources available in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Week 2021. From social media graphics and online guides to inspiring stories and wellbeing plans – these tools and assets have been an effective and accessible way to help us all identify what good mental health looks like, and the steps we should take if we’re struggling. 

Sharing advice on how to maintain positive mental wellbeing can be a great way to help people cope when things aren’t so good. We asked our members at The Joy Club to share their top tips on how they look after their mental health…

Paul, 73 – Rochdale:

“I try every day – unless it’s lashing down with rain – to walk at least four miles. Although this is an urban area, there are plenty of nice walks and I enjoy them. I must admit this started when I was told I was type 2 diabetic, but it has turned into a real treat.

“I also enjoy cooking and like to look out for vegan recipes when I can, to balance against meat dishes. 

“Other than that I like reading, selective television and radio, and apart from my domestic duties keeping my flat clean, all of this seems to stop any mental worries that I could have.”

Jen, 69 – Addlestone:

“I love peaceful walks along the canals and the Thames in Weybridge. I’m starting to see ducklings and goslings – absolutely gorgeous. Gardening is very therapeutic and coffee with friends, outside at the moment, also helps. When the weather is bad I enjoy my knitting, jigsaws and reading, and also watching a live webcam of a peregrine falcon nesting box.”

David, 68 – Handforth:

“I enjoy walking, upcycling old furniture, and doing crosswords and jigsaw puzzles.”

Linda, 69 – King’s Lynn:

“I love walking. I do approximately 5-6 miles each day and I’m very lucky to have some fantastic walks on my doorstep. I eat very healthily – no processed food. I’ve given up all flours, rice, pastas and sugars (other than natural ones) and I use alternatives instead. More importantly, I try to make the best of each and every day and keep positive. As Sir Tom says, ‘Tomorrow is going to be a good day’.”

Do you have any mental wellbeing tips you’d like to share? If so, please send them to us at hello@thejoyclub.com

If you’re struggling with your mental health, or are supporting someone who is and would like some information and support, you can visit the Mind website. 

At The Joy Club, we have a range of free or discounted activities on offer to help towards good mental wellbeing. Not yet signed up? Come and join The Joy Club today for a more active and fulfilling retirement.