You invite a friend, we plant a tree!

21 Mar 2021 | Written by Hannah Thomson

Plant a tree

The Joy Club is planting a forest!

Since launching in December 2020, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming more than 1200 members to The Joy Club. 

In that time, one of the greatest joys for us as a team has been getting to know our members and using their feedback to improve our website and services. From the very beginning, we have committed ourselves to being guided by our members in all things – continually seeking their feedback and consulting with our Member Steering Group when making important decisions. 

In January, this led to the creation of The Joy Club Presents… – our series of free, interactive, online live events, which have quickly become some of the most popular activities on our website! We now host at least one free talk, event or class for our members every weekday and it’s all thanks to our members. 

Today, I am very excited to announce the launch of a new initiative – one that has been inspired by our members’ desire to work with brands who have eco-friendly credentials and their wider interest in sustainability. 

As of Sunday 21st March, 2021 – International Day of Forests – for every friend referral our members make, The Joy Club will be planting a tree with our partners at MoreTrees. As our membership grows, we grow a forest!

To kick things off, we have already planted a tree for every friend referral that our members have made since we launched, offsetting more than 5.70 tonnes of carbon. 


MoreTrees does amazing work supporting communities across the world, planting trees to help offset carbon emissions and combat climate change. They work with tree-planting partners in Madagascar, Nepal, Kenya and Haiti and vet them extensively to ensure that: 

  1. They’re actually planting the trees – this isn’t always the case when it comes to tree planting (some tree-planting organisations just ensure that existing trees aren’t cut down, rather than actively working to plant new trees). MoreTrees’ planting partners also germinate their own seeds where possible to keep the costs down and the quality high; 
  2. They’re following practices that maximise survival rates, such as planting native tree species, planting in the right seasons, not overcrowding, and employing forest guards for protection;
  3. They’re making a positive impact in the local community. MoreTrees’ partners employ workers directly to ensure they’re paid a fair wage, that they educate their workers, that they plant 10% agroforestry trees to generate additional income and that they work really hard to make sure the workers have both a financial and emotional interest in the projects.

Invite a friend and we’ll plant a tree when they sign up

Existing members of The Joy Club have their own, unique referral code and link, which can be found here.

To invite your friends to join The Joy Club, all they have to do is copy their unique referral code or unique referral link and share it with their friends. For example, they can do this via email, text or on Facebook – whatever works best!

The friend can click on the unique referral link or copy and paste the unique code when registering to become a member of The Joy Club.

Once a friend has activated their membership, both parties will be rewarded a free month of membership (as a personal “thank you”) AND we’ll plant a tree (to help offset carbon emissions and combat climate change)!

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to become a member of The Joy Club so far – we can’t wait to grow a forest as we continue to grow our membership.

Hannah Thomson, Founder CEO