General information

  • What is The Joy Club?

    The Joy Club is a membership site that helps you save more, so you can afford to do more.

    • If you want to…
    • Discover personalised activity recommendations – from beauty treatments to baking with a legend
    • Unlock exclusive discounts from The Joy Club’s partners, allowing you to do more with your money
    • Enjoy content and inspiration from The Joy Club’s thriving online community

    …and you’re based in the UK, have Internet access and are over 65, then The Joy Club is for you!

  • Can anyone become a member?

    Membership of The Joy Club is open to anyone aged 65 and over who lives in the UK. As all of the activities available through The Joy Club are accessed or purchased online, you will need to have Internet access at home in order to make the most of your membership.

  • Why is membership only available to people aged 65 and over?

    The Joy Club was created to help people enjoy a more active retirement. While the State Pension Age is 66 (and increasing), we recognise that there are many reasons why people may retire earlier or later than this. Rather than ask our members to prove whether or not they are retired in order to access The Joy Club, we chose the age of 65 as the minimum age for membership as it is the age at which the majority of people in the UK will have withdrawn from the labour force, according to OECD data.

  • How do I become a member?

    To become a member, simple click on the sign-up button and follow the instructions. We’ll ask you for some details (including a photograph for membership ID) in order to set up your profile, but you don’t have to provide payment details until after your free trial.

  • How much does it cost?

    Membership costs just £5 a month, and everyone gets their first month free so they can see what we have to offer before becoming a fully paid-up member. There’s no minimum subscription so you can cancel at any time, but if you enjoy The Joy Club (and we really hope you will!), you can earn a free month of membership for every friend you refer who joins The Joy Club. There’s no limit on the number of free months you can earn, so feel free to invite all your friends. The more, the merrier!

  • Can I share deals with my friends?

    Your membership is just for you, so please don’t share your login details, personal invitations or promo codes with anyone else. However, we would love you to recommend The Joy Club to your friends and family (so long as they are 65 or over, have Internet access and are based in the UK). If you share your unique code or referral link with a friend, then both you and your friend will earn a free month of membership of The Joy Club to enjoy as many invitations as you please!

COVID information

  • Is The Joy Club COVID safe?

    The Joy Club is committed to member safety. In line with government guidance, we have curated a selection of activities that can be enjoyed either at home and online, meaning you can try new things with confidence. As lockdown restrictions ease, new outside and social activities are being added for our members to enjoy.

  • Does The Joy Club work in lockdown?

    The Joy Club is the perfect way to stay active during lockdown. We provide ways for you to stay physically and mentally active, all from your home, meaning that staying in doesn’t have to mean slowing down.

Subscription information

  • I’ve forgotten my login details, can you help?

    No problem, this is easy to resolve. To change your password simply:

    • Click on ‘sign in’ on www.thejoyclub.com;
    • Select ‘Forgotten your password?’;
    • Enter your email address and a password reset link will be sent to your email address.

    To check which email address you signed up with:

    • Click on ‘sign in’ on www.thejoyclub.com;
    • Enter the email address you would like to check;
    • If you enter the incorrect email address, text should appear with the following message ‘Sorry! We couldn’t find an account with that email address’
    • You’ll be able to proceed with the next step once you do enter the correct one.
  • Can I try it before becoming a paid member?

    Everyone gets a one month free trial when they sign up to The Joy Club. There’s no obligation or minimum subscription so you can cancel at any time. If you would like to remain a member following your free trial, you’ll need to provide your payment details. You can do this at any time, but we will send you a reminder towards the end of your trial so that your membership doesn’t become inactive.

  • How do I pay for it?

    You can provide payment details when you create your account with The Joy Club, or you can add your payment details at any point during your free trial.

    1. Option 1 – Add payment details during account setup: When you have successfully created an account, at the last step you will be asked if you wish to add payment details now. Click ‘I’ll provide payment details now’ to proceed.
    2. Option 2 – Add payment details at a later date: You can add your payment details at any time by logging into your account. In the top right hand corner of the screen, you’ll see your name – click your name, then click ‘Membership’, and finally click the ‘Add payment method’ button to provide your payment details.

    Once your free trial is over, your monthly £5 membership payment will be taken automatically, unless you earn a free month from a friend referral. We will start taking payments again once your bonus free month has ended.

    We use Stripe for taking membership payments, which is a secure payment system. Stripe accepts the following cards:

    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • American Express
  • When will my payment be taken?

    Your £5 monthly membership payment will be taken on the same day each month. For example, if you sign up for your free trial on November 5th, then your first membership payment will be taken on December 5th once you’ve provided your payment details. The next membership payment will be taken automatically on January 5th, and so on.

  • Can I cancel my membership?

    You are free to cancel your membership of The Joy Club at any time. If you cancel your membership during your free trial then no payment will be taken. For fully paid-up members, your £5 monthly membership payment is taken in advance of the next month’s membership (so a payment made on January 5th would give you access to The Joy Club until February 5th). If you choose to cancel after becoming a full paid-up member, then the cancellation will take effect at the beginning of the next billing cycle. This means that if you cancel midway through a month then you will continue to have access to The Joy Club until the date that your next membership payment is due, but no further payments will be taken.

  • I cancelled my membership but now want to reactivate it, can I do this?

    Yes, you have up to a year to reactivate your membership. After a year, you will need to create a new account in order to be part of The Joy Club.

Gift memberships

  • What occasions is this gift appropriate for?

    Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, retirement – or just to let someone know you’re thinking of them!

  • Can I buy a gift membership for anyone?

    Membership of The Joy Club is limited to those living in the UK who are aged 65 or over, so please do not buy a gift membership for living outside of the UK or anyone younger than 65. As all activities available to The Joy Club members are available or ordered online, your gift membership recipient will need to have access to the Internet at home in order to enjoy member benefits.

  • How do I buy a gift membership?

    Follow this link and choose the number of months of membership you’d like to gift – six months or twelve months. Once you have purchased the gift membership, you will receive an email to confirm your purchase, which will contain a gift voucher with a unique code. You can forward this email to the gift recipient, print the email out and put in a card, or share the code with them verbally. Your gift recipient will then need to enter the voucher code when they sign-up to become a member in order to activate the gift membership.

    Please note that the code can only be used once, and it expires after a year.

  • How much does it cost to buy a gift membership?

    You can purchase a six-month gift membership for £25 (saving £5 – equivalent to one month free), or a twelve-month gift membership for £45 (saving £15 – equivalent to three months free).

  • Can I purchase a gift membership for someone who is already a member?

    Yes – you can buy a gift membership for someone who is already a member. All you need to do is share the activation code with your recipient, who can then redeem their six or twelve month membership by entering the code in the ‘Membership’ section within their account.