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Everyday philosophy

23 May 2024 | Written by Sam Burns

In this episode, your host Sam Burns takes you on a journey through the intriguing world of philosophical thought. First, Sam extends a heartfelt thank you to everyone who listened to his previous talk about dyslexia and found it informative, which you can find here to listen to again.

Today, Sam shifts gears to share his passion for philosophy. HOLD UP! Before you worry about diving into a navel-gazing snooze fest, let Sam explain. He didn’t study Philosophy at school or university. Instead, like many of his generation, his first meaningful exposure came through how own research. What captivated Sam was the realisation that just as science seeks to understand the physical and natural world, philosophy seeks to understand ourselves and our place within it.

Join Sam as he discusses how, as an enthusiastic amateur, he discovered the joys of philosophy and why its reputation as a dry and impenetrable subject might be undeserved. This episode aims to make philosophy accessible, engaging and relevant to everyday life.

Tune in and uncover how philosophical ideas can enrich your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

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