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Watch again: Unconscious Lie Detection with Dr Chris Street (10/03/22)

20 Mar 2022 | Written by By The Joy Club


About the event

Can we detect lies by thinking about them unconsciously? Since the late 70s researchers have suggested that we can. There are methods that attempt to assess whether people consider statements to be lies or truths without asking for a conscious response, and these methods suggest that people can spot lies better with their unconscious mind than they can consciously.

We’re delighted to welcome back Dr Chris Street, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Keele University, who explains in this talk the history of unconscious lie detection and explore the current debates to understand what it is we know about using ‘gut feeling’ to make a lie-truth judgement.

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About the speaker

Chris joined Keele University in 2021 as a Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology, having worked previously at the University of Huddersfield for six years. Prior to that, he did his PhD work at University College London (UCL) and went on to become a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. In his own words…

‘My work explores how people make a lie or truth judgement. This work has culminated in the Adaptive Lie Detector account (Street, 2015), a contemporary explanation of how we make this judgement. My theoretical work has led to recognition from the International Association for Psychological Science as a Rising Star in the field. My research has included working with national organisations to create evidence-based interventions to reduce susceptibility to phishing and smishing scams.’

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