Watch again: Nutrition and Gut Health with Valentina

05 Mar 2022 | Written by By The Joy Club

Nutrition and gut health

This talk comes from Registered Nutritional Therapist Valentina Cartago. In each of her sessions, Valentina focuses on different aspects of nutrition and health and offers practical guidance on how to improve it.

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About the speaker

Valentina is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and food lover with a passion for brain and gut health. She will teach you about why different elements of nutrition are key to your overall health, including your mental health and immunity. Learn from practical tips you can start to incorporate in your lifestyle.


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If you have any questions, you can contact us on membersupport@thejoyclub.com or 08081696460

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Valentina runs regular nutrition talks at The Joy Club, click here to book your place at the next one so you can learn more about the different areas of physical and mental health impacted by what we eat.

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